Double Glazed

Two panes of glass bonded to a perimeter spacer made of metal or thermoplastic, with either air or special gas filling the space in-between.

It’s dual-pane construction makes it relatively secure but, most importantly, it can provide a large measure of thermal insulation and noise reduction.

The characteristics of this type of glazing are almost endless because by using different coatings and interlayers and different fillings in the cavity between the  panes, you can achieve pretty much any result you want.

  • 2 or 3 panes of glass of which 1 or 2 are operable
  • Accepts IGU’s consisting of various makeups to equate to 18mm
  • Available in vertically sliding and horizontally sliding
  • Optional fly or security screens
  • Adaptable to suit most commercial framing systems
  • Adaptable to suit flat timber framing systems
  • Adaptable to suit door frames 58mm or thicker
  • Adaptable to be single sliding and/or sill-less to close onto bench tops
  • Lockable in closed and partially open position by a keyed or pin lock
  • Aluminium lift rail

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