Single Glazed

One pane of glass delivering minimal thermal performance. It lets in light but it also lets in heat and does little to keep out the cold. It means high costs for air-conditioning and heating. It is also easily broken and offers little protection against intruders and unwanted external noise.

This type of glazing is most appropriate for environments with all-year-round warm temperatures where windows and doors are closed only to keep the rain out or conserve heat on a few chilly days and nights.

Where temperatures are very high or the climate requires air-conditioning to maintain a comfortable indoor ambience, double glazing is increasingly the technology of choice all over the world.

  • -2, 3 or 4  frameless glass panes,
  • 2 or 3 panes – 1 or both panes sliding vertically
  • 4 panes = 2 panes sliding vertically
  • Accepts glass thicknesses from 6mm – 10.5m
  • Optional fly or security screens
  • Adaptable to suit most commercial framing systems
  • Adaptable to suit hinged and bi-fold door systems
  • Adaptable to suit flat timber framing systems
  • Lockable in closed and partially open position by a keyed or pin lock
  • Clear acrylic handles or optional aluminium lift rail
  • Ability to comply with the requirements of air-infiltration for air-conditioned buildings

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